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Bicycle Touring at Glenora Ferry Picton

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Bicycle Touring at Bluewater International Bridge

Ontario Bicycle Touring Complete Guide
Enjoy the scenic peninsulas of Lake Huron, Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, the St. Lawrence River and Niagara Falls. Experience the sights, sounds and tastes of Ontario while touring on bicycle-friendly routes by yourself or with a group.

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Ontario Bicycle Touring Atlas - with route maps and touring information to plan your own rides, including attractions, accommodation, camping, restaurants, bicycle rentals and luggage transfer. Suitable for road or hybrid bicycles, mostly on paved secondary roads and bike paths where available. Routes across Ontario connecting with border crossings plus loop routes suitable for day trips or weekends.

Turn by Turn Route Guide Packages - 4 to 6 day itineraries for the most popular areas with maps and touring information including attractions, accommodation, camping, restaurants, bicycle rentals and luggage transfer.

Custom Routes - for your specific touring needs with a turn by turn route guide for the desired daily distance just like the Route Guide Packages but uniquely developed to meet your requirements.

Contact Us We can talk to you by Skype or telephone at your request.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: If you are not satisfied with your purchase return it in original condition within 30 days for a complete refund. If there is ever a problem with your order for any reason we will do our best to resolve it to your satisfaction.

Turn By Turn Route Guide Packages BEST VALUE Hassle Free Bike Tour

Enjoy Self Guided Bicycle Touring
It is quite easy and much more affordable to bicycle and be your own tour guide when you obtain the help that you need. We can take away the worry of trip planning; finding good roads to bike on, figuring out distances, finding scenic routes and locating convenient accommodation or camping for the night. Enjoy the most scenic areas of Ontario, mostly on less busy paved secondary roads and some bike paths. Since 1996 we have spent a lot of time developing the routes, rejecting many busy regional roads and highways that are prominent on road maps in favour of quiet local roads.

There are several different ways to keep your luggage with you. When bicycling a short distance each day the best option is to stay in one location, biking for several days in short loops or out and back on the same route. You can move to another location and bicycle from there as well. Experienced long distance cyclists carry what they need, either in panniers or a trailer. Bicycle touring groups can bring their own support vehicle. Someone that you know may agree to be the driver. Those who want to bicycle less distance may be glad to take turns driving or the driver can bicycle back to meet the group after going to the destination for the day. In some areas we are able to arrange luggage transfer service. This can be quite inexpensive when shared by a group, since the cost is usually not much more than for one or two cyclists. Inquire if you want this service.

What about parking for your motor vehicle while you are off bicycling? For day rides leave your vehicle at a park or in a local business area where public parking is permitted. Overnight parking is often prohibited. For multi-day rides ask accommodation providers where you will stay for at least one night if they will let you leave a vehicle with them for a few days. This is usually not a problem and if they do not have space they will often know of where you might leave your vehicle. If that does not work for you try asking local tourist information offices if they can assist. All of these parking arrangements are at your own risk.

Our Customers Say

"I then first ordered the Ontario Bicycle Touring Atlas, which I regard as the best such publication I have ever seen. I wish every province and state had something similar, for those of us looking to plan trips."
BL Atlas

"Our trip was fantastic! We had such a great time and certainly saw a lot of scenery, Bob ate pie at many, many places (his favorite part of our bike trips), the equipment provided by [the bike rental company] was excellent! ..... The accommodations were good throughout. So, all in all, it exceeded our expectations - I wish we could find other people in other parts of our country who provide the same type and level of service - everyone here wants to provide support (and charge accordingly)."
SJ Custom Route

"I just completed a Windsor to Toronto ride using your bike atlas for my map. It worked out very well. In the US, I have used Adventure Cycling’s maps for tours but found that your bike atlas was a better tool. I was able to easily modify my route to better utilize the time I had available for my tour and the routes that were highlighted on your maps were very bike-appropriate. Thank you.
JH Ontario Bicycle Touring Atlas

"The Ontario Bicycle Tour Atlas was invaluable.  Really liked the appendix at the back which listed places to stay with phone numbers.  Very handy when you got in late to a town and the tourist info was closed to be able to phone one of the listed places and so easily get accommodation.  .... Thanks for all your hard work creating this great biking reference.  CE Ontario Bicycle Touring Atlas 

"We were very pleased with the quality of your service and the information package your sent us. It really helped us plan a great trip. Thanks again and looking forward dealing with Bike On Tours again in the future." OT Grand Niagara Package Route

"The entire trip was wonderful. The daily routes were varied, the B&Bs were outstanding (incredibly comfortable and hospitable), the length and pace were just right ....We will definitely look to do another trip with you in the future and will mention Bike On Tours to all our cycling friends who would find your company very appealing and useful. I think that it would be very hard for us to use a guided outfitter again after experiencing your incredible attention to service and detail. Thanks again for all your help and guidance. DP Niagara Custom Route

"Our trip was fantastic. You did a terrific job. The routing was magnificent, the scenery fantastic and overall there was very little traffic.... The accommodations were very good and many of the hosts remarked about how thorough you were when making the reservations... great job!!!!! Thanks so much."D.T./C.T. Custom Route

"I can tell you like to have satisfied customers - it shows"

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